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Perthshire Amber Festival
'Amber' as a word is evocative of golden, rich, autumnal colour... something that Perthshire is renowned for. The Perthshire Amber Festival happens annually beginning on the last weekend in October, a perfect time to experience these colours!

Perthshire Amber Festival

Perthshire is a beautiful county in he heart of Scotland, abundant with trees, lochs, rivers, mountains and moorland. It is the home of Dougie MacLean OBE, founder of the festival, and many of his songs and melodies have been inspired by this land and the the people who surrounded him there in his youth and to this day.

The Perthshire Amber Festival includes concert performances in an inspiring range of venues...from concert hall, town halls and village halls to castles, cathedral and even an Iron Age crannog! It gives the opportunity to explore Perthshire with a focus, and for enthusiasts for Dougie MacLean's music to experience the place where he lives and gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of and inspiration for some of his songs and instrumental compositions.

The festival is held annually beginning on the last weekend of October so get in touch with us to add this to your Scottish trip of a lifetime.

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