5 things that make our Scotland tours so special

22nd February 2018


Many of us dream of taking in the fabulous culture, heritage and landscapes of Scotland for ourselves, but may be unsure where to start - or how to organise the perfect break.

Here at Best Scottish Tours, we do the mundane work for you, so that you can simply sit back and enjoy the most captivating things about this distinguished country. Here are five of the ways we do it.

1. The most informed and attentive drivers

Our experienced drivers are at the very centre of our Scotland tours - they really are the people who bring each itinerary to life. Their immense knowledge and passion for all things Scottish is sure to prove infectious in ways a guide book could never achieve!

2. The sheer variety

Whether you wish to discover the finest of the Highlands, the most jaw-dropping historic castles, the beauty of the Isle of Skye or all manner of other aspects of this infinitely fascinating country, there will be a tour among our wide-ranging Scotland tours to satisfy your curiosity.

3. Delightful accommodation

We take great pride in the 3* quality and distinctly Scottish character of our accommodations here at Best Scottish Tours.

While the larger bus tour companies often focus their Scotland tours on the Highlands and Islands' relatively small number of large hotels with lifts and standardised rooms, we've handpicked largely smaller, often family-owned independent hotels guaranteed to give you a warm Scottish welcome.

4. Luxurious travel

It's not just the hotels in which you stay on our Scotland tours where you will feel thoroughly pampered, thanks to our use of luxury touring vehicles that provide ample space for all luggage and passengers.

Our vehicles are sufficiently roomy to carry one large suitcase per person booked, plus one day bag in the main seating area.

5. Scope to construct a custom tour

We're sure you'll agree that the most enchanting Scotland tours are those that have been created specifically for you.

Sure enough, the Best Scottish Tours team possesses the in-depth experience and knowledge of Scottish routes and regions that will enable us to assemble a Custom tour itinerary you will remember for only the most wonderful reasons. 

One of the world's most inviting countries awaits your discovery - so why hesitate? Contact our professional and friendly team today to find out more about what makes our Scotland tours truly the best Scottish tours.

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