Best Scottish Tour information

Whats included ?
      • Your own tour co-ordinator
      • Accommodation in 3*, handpicked accommodations.
      • Please note our 3* standards are higher than in some other countries.
      • Entry into all named attractions on your itinerary.
      • All evening meals (unless otherwise requested).
      • All mornings breakfasts. 
      • A luxury touring vehicle with ample space for all luggage and passengers. 
      • Your tour driver/guide.
      • Ferry Fares and event tickets when included as part of the tour (some activities may need to be paid directly to the supplier)
Whats the minimum number of guests on each tour?

2 persons is the minimum required for a tour to run, if you are a solo traveller we can wailist you for a tour and book you up once the first 2 persons have booked.

Can we tour the main highlights of Scotland, including islands in a couple of days?

It is a common misconception that Scotland is small and that it is possible to travel from one end to the other in a relatively short period of time. However due to the geographical nature of our country, we have many mountains to climb on small country roads which increase the time it takes to get from one place to another. We can certainly fit a lot into a days tour which we would call a photo stop tour, however to enjoy what Scotland has to offer, we recommend no less than a 7 day tour for the full experience. We would also recommend adding in at least a day for each Island that you wanted to visit.

When is the best time to travel?

Peak season in Scotland is mid April to mid October. Getting off the beaten track with us certainly helps avoid the crowds but Scotland, even in its busiest periods (July and August), still has plenty of quiet spots to relax and enjoy. With many year-round tourist experiences available, a vacation at any time of year is posiible but the majority of our guests choose a vacation in Scotland between March and November with some guests holidaying over the Christmas holiday period. Weather tends to be mild with temperatures May to September lingering between 60-75 degrees. There are certainly periods of warmer weather with temperatures soaring into the low 90s. As you are never too far from the coast the breezy conditions usually keep things feeling cooler.

Can we bring our children on our Scottish family Vacation?

Yes, we accept children of all ages however if you have not requested a private tour, we would show this as a "children friendly tour" so that others wishing to join the tour can decide for themselves whether or not this is the right group for them. We do expect all children to sit in child seats which we will provide for the duration of the tour. We also offer discounts to children under 12 sharing a room with their parents - please just let us know at the time of enquiry the ages and sleeping arrangements of your family.

What is the maximum number on any tour?

Generally, our tour sizes average around 6 persons with a maximum of 8 persons per vehicle as we don’t use large coaches for any of our tours. Groups of more than 8 persons can still be accommodated either with multiple vehicles or with a larger mini-coach.

Once our itinerary is agreed can we keep making changes?

In order to secure the best accommodaton for our guests we make hotel bookings as soon as the itinerary is agreed and the deposit is paid. At this stage we would not be able to change the tour itinerary unless in extreme circumstances.

Can we book a tour at the last minute?

We recommend booking your tour as early as possible, once past New Year within the year of travel, rooms can become scarce especially on the islands and in the more rural areas. 

Do all your hotels have Wifi/good mobile signals?

A majority of hotels do advertise that they have Wifi, however this is not guaranteed as in rural areas broadband can be intermittent, and in some Castle accommodation and traditional buidlings the walls are so thick that Wifi can only be accessed in certain areas. The same goes for mobile signal, it can't always be guaranteed that you will get a strong signal throughout the tour. If you require to have guranteed Wifi during your stay, you need to let us know at the time of booking. We will do all we can to accommodate this.

What kind of hotels/rooms do your guests stay in?

We favour small hotels, with Scottish character - beacuse of this the rooms types are not uniform (so if we book 3 double rooms for your group, they may all have different views and sizes). In the Scottish Highlands and Islands there are few large hotels with lifts and standardised rooms, any that there are are often used bu the larger bus tour companies and we prefer not to use that kind of accommodation. Most of the hotels we use have restaurants on site, with excellent locally sourced food and many are the hub of the local community. If you request a specific type of room (i.e seaview) we will always do our best to oblige, but this will depend on what is avaialble at the time of booking.

Booking your all inclusive Scotland tour

How do we pay for our tour?

We will email a link for both bank transfer and card payment. A tour is only reserved once we receive the non-refundable deposit of £500 per person.

When is the balance due?

Balances are due 45 days prior to the tour start date, but can be settled at any time. (see the Terms and Conditions for cancellation charges.)

Can we ask you to hold off dates and reserve rooms while we decide if we wish to book?

Unfortunately we cannot start reserving slots or accommodation until we have received a deposit. 

Do you sell insurance or flight tickets?

We do not sell insurance for our tours and recommend that you take out a suitable policy for your tour. We are not a flight agent and advise that you check flights with a local broker or with the relevant airlines.

What information do you require from me?

The booking process involves filling out an online form with the details we require to book the tour - names of guests, dates of birth (required for some ferry journeys), conatcte details and special instructions, plus room type required.

What terms and conditions is the tour booked under?

Please see our specific terms and conditions for full details.


Before I travel

Do I need a visa to travel to the UK?

You are responsible for any visa requirement specific to your nationality, and we advise you to check with UK immigration prior to travel.

How much baggage can I bring?

Our vehicles are roomy and can easily carry a large suitcase per person booked, plus 1 day bag with you in the main seating area. Please be aware that most of the hotels we use are in older, traditoonal Scottish buildings and dont have lifts to each floor - our drivers will assist you but oversize or exessivley heavy luggage cannot be carried as the driver may be at risk of injury which would affect the tour. If you need to store excess luggage during our tour we dont have facilities for this, but both Glasgow and Edinburgh aiport have a chargeable left luggage service.

What should I pack?

Scotland gets a good amount of rainfall, that’s why our landscape is so verdant! plus there are some items that you shouldn't forget. Here's some ideas for packing.

  • A light waterproof jacket.
  • A good pair of walking shoes (no sneakers/trainers for walking as surfaces can be slippy and uneven).
  • Layers of clothing are ideal (t-shirts to sweatshirts, shorts to trousers).
  • Dressing for dinner is smart casual – unless you have specified eating somewhere that requires a dress code.
  • A camera for all those incredible photo opportunities.
  • Any medication that is required while you are away  - please advise us on your booking form of any special requirements.
Are there laundrys/hairdryers at all hotels?

Because we choose smaller family run establishments laundry often cannot get done overnight – on our longer tours we try and have a 2 nights stay around midway to enable guests to get laundry done. All hotels have hairdryers supplied.

Should I bring cash or cards on tour?

It’s wise to get about £100 per person before your travel, while in Scotland there are plenty of ATM machines and most places take cards (check with your bank about charge for overseas transactions and let them know you are going overseas). If you do bring your own currency to change please tell the driver – as there are some more rural areas that cannot change currency.

Are bed sizes the same in the UK as in other countries?

UK bed sizes are smaller than in the US, refer to the chart below for the sizing, and bear in mind that many hotels in the UK dont have UK King Size beds, let us know your requirements and we will do our best to assist.

Mattress Sizes
(US term / UK term)USAUK/Ireland
Single/Twin39in × 75in
0.99 m × 1.91 m
36in × 75in
0.9 m × 1.90 m
Double / Full54in × 75in
1.37 m × 1.91 m
54in × 75in
1.37 m × 1.91 m
Queen / King60in × 80in
1.52 m × 2.03 m
60in × 78in
1.5 m × 2 m
Olympic Queen / -66in × 80in
1.68 m × 2.03 m
King / Super King76in × 80in
1.93 m × 2.03 m
72in × 78in
1.83 m × 1.98 m

While on Tour

What times do we start and end on each day of touring?

Depending on the itinerary the tour starts just after breakfast (9 – 10am) and the day ends around 5pm. On some occasions the days are longer due to ferry timetables or unexpected stops or delays.

Is smoking, eating and drinking permitted in the vehicles?

Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles, there are plenty of stops during our tours. Eating and drinking in the vehicle is permitted, but be mindful of others (many people nowadays have allergies to certain food types).

Can we change the route we are on while touring?

There is flexibility within our itineraries, the driver will discuss the days route with you before departure. Major changes cannot be made to routes, but very minor changes can be made if you have something specific in mind and other guests agree.

I have a problem with the accommodation, what do I do?

If there is an issue on any part of the tour, please don’t wait until the end of the tour to let us know. We are happy to offer you a form to offically note any issue that you feel hasnt been resolved or that you wish to be logged. In our experience, by letting the driver know, matters can be resolved. We want this tour to be the best it can be!

What about tipping?

10-15% is the norm in restaurants and hotels (no gratuties are included in your tour price) for our drivers it will of course depend on the service you receive – as a guide we say £20-£25 per day, per couple. This is purely at your discretion.