A Winter Vacation in Scotland

1st March 2018

Scottish Weather – 4 seasons in one Day

It’s a big talking point in Scotland, our ‘4 seasons in one day’ are legendary and we have learned to embrace it.  Winter gives us a time to light our fires and candles and  visit our local pub (for a dram or a catch up with friends)

In this spirit we annually have competitions in the various Scottish regions to name our snow clearing vehicles (we call them Gritters), and a surprise online hit has been the Scottish Gritter Tracker that will show you locations of these gritters and their names (Sir Andy Flurry and Plougher O' Scotland are personal favourites).  It's always fun to check out the live tracking of the gritters on the Scottish road network and have a giggle at the names of these vehicles.


A tour of Scotland out of season has many benefits – it’s quieter, the scenery takes on a new drama, there are more options to enjoy indoor evens such as music festivals and Ceilidhs and who doesn’t love a bowl of Scotch Broth over an open fire after a brisk winter hike.  For the snow lover there are multiple ski centres throughout Scotland that provide slopes for all abilities or just take the chairlift to the summit for the most breath-taking panorama!

But winter is only the precursor to our wonderful Spring, and because of this years snowfall we expect it to be a bumper spring for wildflowers, gushing rivers and impressive waterfalls, this in turn makes for a wonderfully green landscape during the summer months - our busiest months for tours of Scotland.

Best Scottish Tours small groups are ideal for travellers wishing to explore the hidden corners of Scotland and immerse themselves in the wonderful landscapes and villages that are often by-passed by the larger coach companies, a Customised Tour of Scotland can further enhance the experience.  Check out our popular 4 Day Iconic Scotland Tour  which is an ideal starting point for touring Scotland at this time of year.  We want you to be able to take the time to enrich your senses with the lush, wild surroundings that can only be found in Scotland.  These unforgettable  sights, sounds and smells are created by our wonderful Scottish Weather, without our unique climate we just wouldn’t be Scotland.

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