COVID-19 / Corona Virus 22nd May 2020

With ongoing changes happening across the world at the moment with regards to the corona virus, we would like to do all we can to keep our guests up to date. 

We are monitoring the situation hour by hour as to how this affects both our guests and our business.  We are monitoring the WHO, FCO and our Governments response to the situation and implementing any advised measures as soon as they come into effect.  Our team are on hand to answer your questions as we have not closed our business down to enable us to remain in contact with our guests.

On the 21st May 2020 Scotland's FM published guidelines as to a phased release of our lockdown measures. 4 Phases have been proposed with varying degrees of release.  Whilst hotels, restaurants and attractions may be released in Phase 3 and Phase 4 there is still no definite date dates for these phases to be implemented.  Each phase is expected to last roughly 3 weeks however this is dependent on our "R" rate remaining low.  Adding to this we are now expecting a 14 day quarantine for guests arriving into the UK from abroad to be implemented by the Government. 

We as a team however will continue to monitor and respond to each measurement and will communicate with any guest affected by these measured as soon as they happen.  We are working to a rolling month basis which currently covers to the end of July 2020 and will continue to roll ahead this way once more information is available.

We would direct all guests in the first instance to our cancellation policy -  We would ask that you also refer to your travel insurance as to what you would be covered for as we do operate a on a non-refundable deposit basis which we have no choice but hold to under these circumstances.

This said we are contacting all our guests as and when their tour fall into the travel ban statuses.  Our advice is as follows:

  1. Guests who find themselves included in the Travel Ban status – We will be in contact with all our guests affected by a travel ban as soon as the information in communicated to us.  As a business we will only be able to work to the dated travel bans in place for the UK which are still not confirmed as being extended past June for flights and possibly the end of July for accommodation, restaurant and attractions. We are working with all the information available to enable us to give our guests the best options possible for all.   We must stress that as a company we are taking a level approach to what we can offer our guest, however upon booking we do stress the importance of having travel insurance to cover your tour.  With the so many countries now facing closed borders your travel insurance should be able to cover your payments as neither yourself or Best Scottish Tours have cancelled the tour this is a Government enforcement for non-travel.
  2. Guest who chose to cancel from a country with no travel ban status – We refer you to your insurance policy in the first instance to check what you are covered for. We would then refer you to the Best Scottish Tours terms and conditions.  We do ask that you consider when cancelling outside of a ban or lock down situation that a decision to cancel is seen as “a disinclination” to travel which may change the way the insurance companies view your cancellation.  As our deposits are non-refundable this would mean you would not be able to claim a refund of the deposit amount.

We feel we must be responsible to our guests our staff and our business.  We do not want any guest to feel let down if a transferred tour cannot go ahead due to travel restrictions so must urge all guests to make sure they seek advice from their travel insurance for all eventualities.   Best Scottish Tours will be following the guidelines set out by the Government -

  Whilst on tour

We ask that our guests understand that we are introducing measures to reduce the risk of spreading infection and as such will request the following measures are adhered to whilst on your tour.  We are also working with all our service providers to ensure that standards are kept within the guidelines set out by the health professionals at all our stops and overnight stays.

  • We will remind all guests to wash their hands for at least a period of 20 seconds at each stop where facilities are available
  • We will ensure each van is given a disinfection wash of all surface prior to and after every tour as well as at the beginning of every touring day.
  • We will supply bags in each vehicle for guests to place rubbish/tissues which will be removed at the end of each touring day.
  • We ask that any guest feeling unwell during their tour alert their tour guide immediately and measures will be put in place to assist you to get the correct care you may need.
  • We ask that any guest feeling unwell calls the 111 number immediately and follows the instructions given by them.  As a nation we are not attending the doctor, hospital or pharmacy at the moment without a call ahead.
  • We ask that guests do not share any item that has touched their face or mouth eg: bottles, cameras, phones etc.  We also ask that guests do not share food, sweets etc in the vehicle.
  • We recommend that guests bring hand sanitizer with them for their personal use.  We will not supply this in our vehicles due to contamination and the fact that due to shortages of these items we would prefer they go to the emergency services etc on the front line of the virus.